Welcome to Capital Area Psychiatric Associates (CAPA)!

We are a psychiatric practice established to provide high quality, evidence-based, psychiatric treatment and evaluation services for adults, children, and adolescents.

Psychiatric care in the modern era can be quite confusing for patients, difficult to negotiate, and frustrating to access. At CAPA we endeavor to provide first a thorough diagnostic evaluation to establish any and all appropriate psychiatric diagnoses and the bio/psycho/social factors that influence these conditions. From that position of a solid diagnostic base we develop a comprehensive treatment plan designed to deliver the latest evidence-based treatments for these conditions.

We primarily provide psychopharmacologic services for our patients. In some instances we may also provide some psychotherapy services but this is not the mainstay of the practice. Psychotherapy is often important either as adjunctive treatment or in some cases as the first line treatment of psychiatric disorders. We recognize its vital importance in treatment for many of our patients. For this reason we will refer based on your diagnosis to the most appropriate and highly skilled provider that provides the types of psychotherapy that you may need.

The pharmacologic treatment of psychiatric disorders is both a science and an art. The latest scientific evidence should always guide our treatment interventions but science is always incomplete by its nature. At CAPA we are committed to providing evidence-based treatments and guiding patients when pharmacology is and is not in their best interest. The use of multiple psychotropic medications at the same time is commonplace today but poorly understood. One of our goals at CAPA is to use the least amount of medications possible and to only add medications if absolutely necessary. In the case of medicines more if definitely not always better. We have often reduced the number, dose, and types of medications that our patients are taking when they present to our practice.

Why see a psychiatrist?

Most common psychiatric disorders are initially treated by primary care providers as they are often the first to see patients with any medical condition. For some patients these initial treatments are successful and they never need to see a psychiatrist. For most patients, however, a consultation with a psychiatrist can be extremely helpful. At a minimum the extra years of psychiatric training and experience provide a higher level of expertise in this area than your primary care provider could deliver. In addition, however, we are often able to take a great deal more time in the evaluation of your symptoms which is frequently necessary to tease out the differences in complex psychiatric syndromes.

Psychiatrists receive a unique combination of training in medicine, psychotherapy, and the social sciences which allows us to provide for our patients a global perspective on their health, treatment, and recovery.